Q & A: How Does Mantra Writing Work

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How Does Mantra Writing Work?


What is the significance of mantra writing?  Should I order this service through Pillai Center or can I write the mantras myself?


Yes, you may definitely write mantras on your own. Writing mantras is an extremely powerful practice.  The act of writing is a mystery, and Dr. Pillai considers writing itself to be an occult practice.  There are many things taking place here, but one is that when we write we are translating thought into action.  In essence, when we write something, we are creating matter.  Dr. Pillai says we are moving from the abstract domain to the concrete domain.

When we write the mantras, we are involving both the mind and the body simultaneously along with the nerves in the body. Mantra writing is another level of using a mantra, and can be even more powerful than chanting alone.

But like all other mantra practices,  it also requires discipline and a consistent effort to see results.


Proxy Writing of Quantum Sound Frequencies for Solving Life Issues

In addition to experimenting with mantra writing on your own, you may also want to use the proxy writing service offered through Pillai Center.

This is an opportunity to receive results from the mantra practice and provide work for the person in India who will write the mantras on your behalf.  You will both be benefited internally and materially.

For more information on all of the  proxy writing services, please visit  the store at http://www.pillaicenter.com/shopping/shophome.aspx and click on proxy sound writing.

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Q & A: How Does Mantra Writing Work

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Q & A: How Does Mantra Writing Work

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Q & A: How Does Mantra Writing Work

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Q & A: How Does Mantra Writing Work

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