Becoming Superhuman, Expressing Super Powers

The key to unlock super normal powers is in your mind. Dr. Pillai has revealed the topic for the second part of his April 26th Master Class on Becoming Superhuman. We have to become conscious about how we think and how we use our words. How can we be...

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Becoming Superhuman Master Class | 3 Free Teachings for 2014

Dr. Pillai invites you to become superhuman on April 26th. The 26th is a 13th Moon, the right time for major karma burning and the ultimate way to start your Vedic New Year. Dr. Pillai is offering a 3 hour Master Class, completely free. Dr. Pillai is...

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Spend Your Time with Dr. Pillai on April 26th.

Our most valuable resource is time. We’re spending it everyday. Have you wondered if you are spending it right? Can you afford to wait for solutions to life’s problems? For decades Dr. Pillai has stressed the importance of Time. He’...

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4 Ways to Change Karmic Thoughts and Manifest Fast

Contrary to popular belief, your karma isn’t out to get you. Nor is is necessarily stacked up and ready to reward you. It’s a process that we are all actively involved in, consciously or unconsciously, and we’ve been dong it for a v...

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Mercury in Pisces | Five Ways to Avoid Difficulties

April 3rd through 20th By now, you might have noticed that your communication is facing some glitches and perhaps you are experiencing an unusual lack of clarity. Or maybe, you are allowing your imagination to wander more than usual and this daydream...

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Spring Blessings

April begins with Spring Navaratri (March 31-April 8) – a special time of spiritual and material renewal when the active, divine feminine helps humanity to shed all forms of negativity within — such as depression, lethargy, procrastinatio...

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Build Momentum Toward the Next Full Moon

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to share a few things! While conducting this morning’s Fire Lab, I shared with the participants the ways we may best take advantage of the current energies of the New Moon today as it leads to the Full Moon. This is a great ...

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Create Your Own Kalki Yantra and Have it Energized, Free!

Have you felt the conscious shift? You can help the world to feel it too! On Maha Shivaratri 2014 Dr. Pillai announced the descent of a Divine Force that will raise humanity to it’s highest potentials. The Vedic Sages prophesied that Kalki, the...

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Miracle Stories of Full Moon of the Guru

  We are coming into a very, very, special time of the year known as the Full Moon of the Guru....

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Memories of Mt. Shasta

Rainbow of Blessings: Inside the Mt. Shasta Pyramid with Dr. Pillai Memories of the Mt. Shasta Retre...

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Reflecting on Mt. Shasta

I can still remember the first moment that I saw Mt. Shasta- I was driving through the rolling footh...

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A Divine Encounter with Radha Krishna

I had a personal encounter with Krishna at Vrindavan that has completely changed me, as well as brin...

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Miracle Story about Dr. Pillai: A Spiritual Experience during Meditation

I am writing to say that I had never heard of Dr. Pillai or the Pillai Center until a few days ago. ...

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Enthralling experience with Karma Removal at the Birthday Trip

It was my first trip to India, and my first time for meeting Dr. Pillai as well and for many reasons...

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