Light Body Enhanced: The Course of Human Evolution

A true master seeks a permanent solution to the problems of the physical body. Beyond the physical body and the harsh reality of aging, pain, disease, and death there is the Light Body. The Light Body is our true nature. We are  Infinite Light, that ...

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Dr. Pillai Shares Krishna’s Ultimate Mantra

Here is the beautiful mantra of Krishna, Rama, and Kalki, Avatars of Vishnu, sung and explained by Dr. Pillai himself. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare When you are singing, you should be inviting Rama not singing like a robot. He is descendin...

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Special Yogas, Special Planetary Blessings

One of the many gifts of Vedic astrology originates in the fact that not everything happens on the physical plane of existence. In fact, our very consciousness is due to planetary influences in our lives. The planets’ rays and gravitational pul...

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Benefits of Timelessness

Our materially oriented society undervalues the spiritual life. Spirituality gets reduced to a purely psychological sense of fulfillment, just warm and fuzzy feelings about God. What an unfortunate misunderstanding and over-simplification of a profou...

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Catch Master Class Recaps on Pillai Center Hangouts

April 26 was Dr. Pillai’s Becoming Superhuman Master Class! It was 3 Hours of Live Time with the Master himself and special guests. Click THIS LINK for a FULL replay. Over the next couple weeks Pillai Center Hangouts are featuring detailed reca...

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Venus in Pisces – Make the Best of this Lovely Transit

How to Make the Best of This Once-a-Year Lovely Transit Venus is now exalted in Pisces until May 23, giving us reasons for celebration. A strong, exalted planet can deliver its best gifts and Venus is no exception. In fact, the planet of love can now...

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Light Body Abduction

What is final enlightenment? According to the Tamil Siddha tradition enlightenment is not simply a new psychological orientation. It’s not something that happens after death. For the Siddhas, enlightenment is an actual physical transformation o...

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Spend this Saturday Becoming Superhuman

Dr. Pillai wants you to know that you can create a new reality. You can rewrite your destiny when you become conscious. You can become Superhuman.   On Saturday April 26, Dr. Pillai is teaching a 3 hour long Master Course and it’s absolute...

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Miracle Stories of Full Moon of the Guru

  We are coming into a very, very, special time of the year known as the Full Moon of the Guru....

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Memories of Mt. Shasta

Rainbow of Blessings: Inside the Mt. Shasta Pyramid with Dr. Pillai Memories of the Mt. Shasta Retre...

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Reflecting on Mt. Shasta

I can still remember the first moment that I saw Mt. Shasta- I was driving through the rolling footh...

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A Divine Encounter with Radha Krishna

I had a personal encounter with Krishna at Vrindavan that has completely changed me, as well as brin...

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Miracle Story about Dr. Pillai: A Spiritual Experience during Meditation

I am writing to say that I had never heard of Dr. Pillai or the Pillai Center until a few days ago. ...

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Enthralling experience with Karma Removal at the Birthday Trip

It was my first trip to India, and my first time for meeting Dr. Pillai as well and for many reasons...

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